About Keith Abela Photography:

My name is  Keith Abela from Malta and I was born in 16th July 1996 and I have been photographer enthusiast from the age of 7 years. Moreover, from an early age, my friends and my family  always  encouraged me to continue in photography and that what I did..   I gained a lot of experience in photography and  I use Canon and Nikon cameras with lenses, 50mm-500mm and 70mm-300mm for taking marvelous photos ! ! 

Now, with  over 8 years of experience in photography and  worked with Air Force and private companies, such as Air Journey, My Jet, MediLink, CHC, Executive Aviation, Aeris Aviation Limited, DRF Luftrettung, HubAir, Czech Sport Aircraft, White Rose Aviation, Swan Aviation, EPA, and many more, as an official photographer during their stay in Malta or during an event  Malta such as opening of a new company/ offices in Malta... I feel very satisfied and very glad that I assisted them. 

Keith's photos were even published on popular sites in: America, England, Belgium, and Italy too, besides those photos which were uploaded from my clients on their website, Facebook etc !! Keith has Photographed over 1,500 aircraft most of them are private jets - from light aircraft up to Boeing 747-400.

Moreover, Keith Abela Photographer as one can notice clearly specializes more in Executive Jet Photography for customers.

For further information, regard service or prices, do not hesitate to contact me by filling the form  in the 'contact me' tab and send it or  send me an email on [email protected]


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